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How to body contour with self-tanners for a more toned look

The top self-tanners I like to use are Bondi Sands Ultra dark and Loving tan in dark for a chocolate tone if you want something even darker try applying it a 2 times in total within the week. The reason I love the Bondi Sands Ultra dark self-tanner is because it looks natural, don’t streak, dries fast, moisturises and you can build-up from light (for winter) to a darker shade (for summer) by applying an extra layer. If you are spend time tanning and add the self-tanner on it will give you an even more chocolatey complexion. These self-tanners last 7 days and when the tan starts to fade it is not so patchy, and you can easily remove it by doing a scrub, I like using a sea sponge as a more natural way to scrub and mix brown sugar with honey for any areas that require a bit more tlc (as sometimes spray tans or other tans can be harder to remove).
Many bikini models and athletes use self tanning for body contouring and if you can find someone who spray tans athletes or a make up artist to body contour they can also help you to achieve that look. It's a great way to enhance your beautiful body and sculpt it as you please from giving a boost to your décolletage, to cinching your waistline to giving a booty lift.
Apply one layer of the self-tanner all over your body then use a blending tan brush to apply the self tanner in areas you want to contour such as the cleavage this will draw out a fuller bust. Then the sides of the waist and abs to cinch the waistline. You can use the blending tan brush brush to contour anywhere else you would like to sculpt such as the back of arms or legs. Some also contour the face with a tan blending brush or sponge, just make sure to blend in everything properly and to put lesser amounts of self-tanner in areas such as neck, face, elbows, knees, and hands/fingers/toes.
The same can be done with make up if you’d like to have the option to wash it off the same day.The image you see in this article has a more enhanced contouring in order for you to see the lines and areas in the body that you can contour acting as a rough map but please make sure to blend as much as you'd like for a more natural or dramatic effect depending on your preference.
You can also add Nuxe spray oil to give an extra glow to your skin it also smells beautiful! Once dry you can also add a highlighter to highlight the areas you'd like to bring out i.e. collar bone, cleavage, cheekbones.